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One thing that got stuck in my mind, while I was being cornered by an opponent, was the fact that any character can be "left out" of the screen. Picture Eiji being pushed to the left side of the screen and half of his body vanishing out of the blue. You'll see that happening quite a few times during the game, but it's a just another flaw in a title that's gone wrong. The cutscenes are far from being impressive, even if they've got the anime looks and clich?s, because they're short lasting and they don't deliver the feeling that we're searching for while watching Japanese cartoons. The soundtrack of the exploration sections, when the darkness of the city envelops the player and when encounters are few and a bit far between, is especially noteworthy mainly because they do not use the normal full powered orchestral themes that appear in games featuring space marines and alien killing. It's a mix of jazz, strings and subdued instruments that instill a sense of waiting, maybe in preparation for the full action sequences, of paranoia and a bit of desperation, which is to be expected from a Shock Trooper in the middle of an occupied city, alone and pretty much sure to die a grim death at some point. It adds to the atmosphere of Halo 3: ODST and I hope Bungie does a noir videogame after releasing Reach. Violence is a major issue nowadays when most kids allow their minds to be influenced by major gaming phenomena and it so happens that Scenario Colossus 3g For Desktopx 2 is one of the most cited titles when it comes to handling this issue. The game's been banned, approved in a censored version, re-banned, pulled from shelves, leaked online months before the official release...all in all it's been a violent experience for Rockstar, its producers. Scenario Colossus 3g For Desktopx 2 is a special game for me and for all the people who have ever played or heard about it. It's so unique and so similar to other titles at the same time that it manages to quit any convention ever set while following a preset line of delivering the most violent content I've seen in a long time. You're about to read a couple of spoilers, but don't worry as there's lots to find out as you'll get to play this in the first quarter of hour in the game. What's next? It's Kratos versus Zeus, round 1 and it's pretty clear who won the fight. Too bad that our favorite dies such a painful death, as you'll see in a very beautiful cutscene. He'll end up in hell, almost in the grasp of Hades. Ok, ok enough with the spoilers. It's enough to

After playing PES for a month or two I must say that the grass looks great and it's a shame that the ball physics are so bad, doing no justice to the well-drawn field. Yes, you heard me, young Soki and the others can gather souls to gain new abilities and replenish their health and magic points. Each vanquished enemy will leave behind a couple of colored bubbles that will float in the air and eventually go away. There are three types of these bubbles: the red ones, which are the souls of the departed enemies, the yellow ones that represent a bonus for your hit points meter and the blue ones that are the rarest and recharge your magic points. Similar to the God of War ability upgrading system, the gathered red souls will be available as points that level up your armor or weapon. This soul vacuuming will happen once you press and hold the X button and when you'll defeat bosses there will be a lot of "soul searching" to do. This great RPG will offer a decent experience thanks to its 30+ hours of gameplay, but it all depends on your approach: if you rush like a madman, avoid enemies and collect less items and experience points there's a chance you'll finish Eternal Scenario Colossus 3g For Desktopx in 20 hours. However, if you're the type of RPG fan who takes his time and collects all the bits and pieces, while performing all additional tasks and unlocking all secrets, you could end up playing the game for more than 50 hours. This is not the typical role-playing game, because it features a semi-turn-based combat system mixed with real time action sequences. You can control a party of up to 10 characters and there's even the option of pulling some co-op moves, by playing the game with two other friends. The tendency to keep mashing the same buttons and combine the press of the circle, square and triangle buttons in order to trigger sequences of moves is still present, fortunately. Press the circle for a brutal grab and kill, or press the square for a standard attack. Jump by using the X button and combine the jump with various moves resulting in even more destructive combos. In case you were waiting for yet another series of dangerous combats with legendary creatures and huge beasts, you'll be happy to find out that they're included too. I loved that Basilisk fight and the new dodging mechanism that gives you a great edge as you use those L and R buttons pressed at the same time. The L button also allows you to block and parry the strikes of your enemies. Aside from the story mode, there's a Separate Ways mode, a Mercenary mode and a movie viewer. In Separate Ways, you play as Ada Wong, one of the cutest protagonists to ever star in Resident Evil. She's a spy and you can really tell, by her athletic moves and the way she uses that grappling gun. This mode is more of a bonus, adding 5 to 6 hours of gameplay to the already long story mode and it fills the gaps left by the original storyline. RE 4 manages to do something that's remarkable for the games produced nowadays: it gives the impression that it's a difficult game, being in fact a pretty normal one with many savepoints and tons of checkpoints. The difficulty comes from the sudden attacks of zombies and some of the greatest boss fights I have ever seen. Great graphics can't be complemented by lousy music, because it would be a real pity to spoil the game's atmosphere. You'll always feel the presence of the Akrid around you, and you'll hear the earth trembling and their screams, while they're still far. When the ground cracks, it's go time and you'll hear the sound of the machine gun, that can really become music to one's ears. Speaking of which, Lost Planet's soundtrack is well done, synchronized with the game's action and it's made out of orchestral compositions or music with a faster tempo during the battles. Each Akrid has a different scream, each weapon sounds differ